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The Best 8 iPhone 13 Tips & Hacks Everyone Should Know

Apple has refreshed its latest iPhone series with the new variety of amazing features and updates they have designed & created, especially with the latest release of the new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, & iPhone 13 Pro Max. It comes with newly improved hardware, camera & camera design, OS underneath. But just like any previous iPhone release, it can be costly. Naturally, if you’ve purchased the newest phone you would like to cherish the moments and make them last. So, don’t miss out on these simple tricks as we walk you through them.

1. Scheduled Notifications

Notifications are known to be pretty distracting while trying to get work done, especially if you have a variety of apps downloaded on your phone that bring in notifications like crazy 24/7. The good news is that now with the iPhone 13, you can schedule when you want to have notifications sounding at the time you desire. “Scheduled Summary” is a feature that will help you cut out the distracting notifications from unwanted or unimportant apps

To enable this feature, make your way over to Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Notifications > and toggle the switch to turn it on. The next step is to choose an app of your choice and decide if you would like to ignore them for how long you would like.

Once you are done with selecting the app of your choice, choose what time & voila! That’s it.

2. Screenshot Like A Pro

To let the truth or secret be told, capturing screenshots on the new iPhone can be a bit of a hassle for some people. You need to press several buttons all together at once, and at a certain point, while trying to screenshot it can be either a hit or miss situation with several iPhone users

On the new iPhone 13, you are now able to simply double-tap your screen to take a screenshot. Sounds like a dream come true, some might say.

If you would like to enable it, head to the “Accessibility” in your Settings, and select “Touch.” Once you are inside, scroll until you see the option for “Back Tap.”

You will now be allowed to choose one of the options (triple/double) and select the screenshot from the menu. The next time you see something you like on Twitter or on Facebook, just a simple & easy double tap on the back of your mobile device will get you the screenshot you desire.

3. Tweak With Focus Mode

What if we told you that you can mess around with the DND mode on your device?. With the newest feature on the IOS 15 update, “Focus Mode” will allow you to select the apps or contacts which can be allowed to send you notifications & contact you. You can also be allowed to create dedicated focus profiles for other profiles.

*Extra Point: You can now use “Spotlight Search” directly from your iPhone Lock screen, and your search page will be shown right away

You can do this trick by simply just swiping down on your lockscreen

4. Scan Text From Camera Lens

The new iPhone 13 also comes with a very useful feature where you can scan text directly from your camera lens and paste it into a whole document. With this trick, you can also skip the task of typing an address & many other texts manually again.

All you will need to do is point your iPhone camera at any snippet of text you like. And you should be able to see a small text icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, Simply just tap on it to be able to select the lines of text. All that is left now is to hit that copy button and then paste wherever you like. Pretty cool, right?

5. Check Your Photos Information Quicker

For the longest, Apple didn’t allow us to see any details from any of the photos we have taken. For example like size, camera info, and location. Thankfully, that has changed with the newest release & updates of the iPhone. You can now be able to see all the new details you need. Just open a photo on your gallery and swipe up to see all the details of your photo.

6. Disable Notifications On Your AirPods

Imagine listening to your favorite podcast when out of nowhere you hear Siri’s voice reading out the content of an SMS, What a mood killer, right?

We are happy to say that with a new feature this can be disabled. To do this, head over to the Settings > Siri > Announce Notifications > and then go ahead and disable the option for headphones or connected devices

7. Share Wonderful Content With Siri To Friends & Family

Imagine being able to share an URL directly to your associate without needing to do the extra task of selecting the text and pasting it, and hitting send? Sounds too good to be true, some might say.

With your mobile device and the latest IOS 15 update, you will now be allowed to do that with just a simple command. Wake up Siri and then tell Siri to ‘Send this to Sammy’ and the image/link will be sent in an iMessage to the assigned contact you asked for, within a blink of an eye.

Apart from sending images or links, Siri can now also songs and even your favorite podcast straight from Apple Music, Apple News stories, and locations on Maps. This is pretty useful if you would wish to share your location hands-free without touching the device itself

8. Drag And Drop Images

Another crafty feature is that you can be allowed to drag and drop content between different apps. It’s creative and will ease your daily multitask while at work. To move images or certain text between apps, press and hold until it becomes translucent.

The next step you should do is holding down on the selected objects, then now swipe on the tray below to go to the app of your choice and drop the specific images that were chosen. Also as you may have thought this is not a single-handed job. You will need to use both hands to go about while dropping and dragging content

The trick itself is just all about holding the selected objects and then being able to switch between recent or open apps.