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5 Basic Tips For Laptop Overheating

Laptops can and will be vulnerable to overheating sometimes. The cause of that would most likely be due to their compact design what will not allow for as much airflow, compared to a typical desktop computer with a variety of space and opening for air circulation through their fans. But here we a few helpful tips to keep your laptop from overheating

Re-check/clean fans every once in a while

Whenever you can feel the laptop getting hot, place your hand just next to or in the area of the fan vents. You will also know whether the laptop’s fan is working correctly if you feel hot air blowing evenly out of the laptop’s vents. If you feel very little or don’t feel anything at all, then dust could have accumulated on the fan or has sadly broken down. You can open up the machine carefully and blow out the dust with some compressed air. If the fan for your laptop has broken down, look for a new replacement. Also note that if you are not comfortable opening up the laptop, get a professional to do it, and contact us at (202) 450-1105 for a quick, fast, and affordable repair as soon as you’d like.

Elevate the laptop

One other simple method that will provide enough ventilation is the use of a lap desk. The small rubber feet on the bottom can provide standard elevation to enhance airflow underneath your device. However, some people might place laptops on their laps while using them. This will restrict airflow from under the laptop and will cause overheating to take place. A lap desk helps in maintaining the constant airflow, which will keep your laptop cool.

Control Fan Speed

The constant airflow within your laptop prevents your fans from running at full speeds. But while your fan is running at high speeds, it will imply that the CPU is working way harder and may get even hotter. A trick for that and to control fan speeds by installing programs such as SpeedFan for Windows. This should trick should help

Avoid the use of Intense processes

Overheating from your laptop could be a result of intense processes. You can keep the laptop cool by avoiding any such processes as that on your machine. For instance, any browsers with video Flash will subject the CPU to hard work. Causing the CPU to start getting hotter and increase fan speeds. Therefore, it’s advisable to use a FlashBlock in your browser so that flash videos are only turned on whenever they are needed.

Keep your laptop out of the heat

Lastly, overheating of a laptop may occur due to extreme exposure to direct hot sunlight, or any heat such as stovetops and many other forms of exposure to high heat. High temperatures may cause the computer to overheat due to an expansion of the hard drive and battery damage. Therefore, you should keep your laptop away from high temperatures whenever they are high. When your laptop is shutting down and experiencing any serious slowdowns as a result of overheating, it’s advisable to get it repaired as soon as possible. Contact Hitechphonerepair.DC at (202) 450-1105 for an immediate repair.