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Common Reasons for Cell Phone Repair & Solutions

Cell phones have become and are now a major part of modern-day life, playing a role in daily chores such as communication, social media & internet surfing, taking pictures & videos, and setting up an alarm to name a few.
So much so that most people can’t go without the use of their smartphones and need devices to always function throughout life and complete a certain task. However, mobile devices are machines that aren’t always perfect at certain times, which can make them susceptible to bugs, crashes, and other damages over time. How would you solve several of these technical problems?

Broken Screen

Did you know? Most phone users from all over the world have experienced a broken screen. Some key reasons for this to happen are:

  • Accidental fall
  • The device getting walked over due to a crowd at an event
  • Sitting down and applying too much pressure while it’s in the back pocket
  • Accompanying phone with metal keys in the pocket, causing scratches, etc.

It is normal and obvious for someone to panic from seeing their damaged phone screen, you better avoid wasting too much time over regretting and look for the best possible solutions around. Such as a local mobile phone repair store and check if your phone screen is covered by any manufacturer’s warranty or has insurance. A limited amount of phone brands provides screen protection under their warranty.

If your phone screen gets damaged, the most reasonable option is getting it repaired or replaced from a reliable repair center that is legit or trusted, preferably in your area or the brand’s authorized service center. This will ensure you will get an original screen replacement professionally and affordably. You can also check out our repair shop which is affordable & most recommended by previous customers at, Benco Shopping Center 4520 Benning Rd SE, Washington, DC 20019.

Charging Port

When your mobile device experiences any slow or no charging issues, this can be often the prime culprit is a faulty charging port. There is a small metal connector in the USB Port that is not or might not be connecting to the charging cable properly. The reason for this can be:

  • Dust or debris blocking contact or preventing any proper power supply to your device.
  • Caused by corrosion if your phone gets wet or put in a high humid environment.
  • Hardware damage, usually when the device is dropped.

You can successfully & properly fix this issue at home if it is not hardware related. Clean the port using a needle and soft cotton, going gentle as you clean. Adjust the pin gently to the center, or as much as the charger’s pin shape.

But before trying this trick, do not forget to use a different data cable and charger so you can be able to confirm that it’s the port that’s at fault.

If this problem persists, please visit our service center/mobile shop for a professional cell phone repair.

Water Damage

Did you spill your early morning tea/coffee on your phone while in a rush? Or your device took a dip in a water tub or swimming pool and worse the toilet? Whatever may be the reason, having water damage is nasty and will often come with irreversible issues to your smartphone.

Try the tricks below to save your phone from water damage.

  • Remove phone from the liquid and turn it off immediately and right away
  • Split up all the components like your battery, SIM Card, SD card, protective case, and place them all in dry place or safe area.
  • Use a soft cloth or cotton to remove all the water from these parts
  • Try a classic rice or silica gel trick to bring your mobile device back to life. Take a bowl full of rice or silica gem in a plastic bag. Keep your phone stored in it for a couple of days. These tricks have been proven to be effective for many lucky users.

Prevention is always better than knowing the cure for something”. You can protect your phone from liquid damage by using a waterproof pouch or case (easily available online) while you head off to your favorite pool or beach. These pouches will be proven to be effective when you’re out in rain carrying your phone alongside in your hand.

Unresponsive Buttons

The issue of having your mobile device’s buttons not working is usually related to a software issue or app glitch. A couple of incompatible apps or software issues might be hindering the functionality of your phone’s soft keys. No worries, there are easy fixes for it.

One temporary solution is that you can try a third-party app. The Back Button (No Root) and the Navigation Bar are two popular options in this case.

For a permanent fix, the first thing you should and can try is a simple reboot. This will cease the intervene caused by any faulty app or software.

If restarting step doesn’t work, use your phone while having your safe mode on for a while. Test to see if buttons are working fine in safe mode. If yes, then you need to delete the recently downloaded apps, or even better, try the factory reset on the device.
Always keep your phone system and software always updated. Delete the cache files regularly and make sure you’re not using too many heavy games.

If your button issue begins after a fall/drop or water damage, take your device to a professional repair center as it is likely to be a case of hardware damage.

Speaker & Deficient in Sound

If your phone’s speaker starts causing problems, the foremost and first thing you should check is the headphone output. Is your device still in headphone mode or connected to a Bluetooth device? If yes, then perform the phone rebooting. This should clear up the mess caused by any faulty app.

The next thing to do is to make sure the speaker settings are accurate. Check if the volume is set too low. Increase the volume and see if it works.

Another thing that will need your attention is the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Make sure it’s not on as this might prevent your speaker from functioning properly. You can check this through Settings which will be labeled as Do Not Disturb.

If any of these methods don’t work, try a ‘factory reset’ as a final attempt to resolve the “phone speaker not working” issue. Do not forget to take the data back beforehand, as the factory reset erases all the data from your phone.

Camera Flash/Light

When the camera flashlight is unresponsive, here are some key things to check and perform to troubleshoot this issue.

  • Make sure your flash is ON. Even in auto mode, the flash doesn’t work if there’s any ample brightness out there.
  • Check if the mode you’re using supports having a flash. In some camera modes like Time-lapse and Light painting, the flash gets auto disabled.
  • Make sure the battery on your device is sufficient to use a flashlight. For several phone models, the flash is disabled the moment your battery percentage goes below 15 or 10%.
  • Using the device flash too much may cause it overheating, and eventually stop working. In that case, if this happens wait for a moment and try again.
  • Try resetting the camera app! Navigate your way to Settings>> Camera > Storage. There you’ll see the option to clear the data. Do it and, your flash should work again. If not, please stop-by to check out what the issue is by a professional.